Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Spanish Cured Ham Sushi

Sushi is one of the most famous dishes in the world. It’s easy to find Japanese and Asian restaurants in which enjoy this delicacy.

By reason of the landing of Antonio Mata and the best Ham from Spain to Macau and Hong Kong, we want to prepare this recipe of sushi. Spanish and Asian fusion.

Within all types of sushi, with regional variations and different ways of cooking, we highlight the most popular:

  • Maki: are these ring of vegetables, rice and fish wrapped in seaweed chips.
  • Nigiri: rectangular shaped rice covered by a piece of raw fish, meat or seafood.

Here we make a simple Nigiri recipe. We’ve called ‘Antonio Mata Sushi’



First of all is to prepare the rice mixture. We mix the rice vinegar and sugar in a bowl, on a ratio of 3 to 1, so 3 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 of sugar. Disolve the sugar as much as possible.

Put one cup of rice in a colander under running water and clean it to remove starch. Once clean, threw in a pot over medium heat, without oil or salt. Stir the rice and drop boiling water (2 cups of water for each one of rice). The rice has to be over 20 minutes. Be careful to keep it from sticking. Remove from the heat and put it on a tray. Slowly pour the vinegar mixture that we had prepared. Cool to room temperature for several hours.

Once is cool, using your hands (you can also do it with a mold), form 6 rectangular pieces of soggy rice. Spread each slice of Ham from Teruel PDO with a pinch of wasabi and cover every piece of rice. We can serve with soy, wasabi and ginger on the side.

As you can see is a very easy recipe, although it should be a little forethought and prepare the rice with a few hours in advance.

Hope that you dare to try it at home. Enjoy!

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