Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ten tips to enjoy a Spanish Cured Ham

We know you love that special flavour of the Spanish Cured Ham, but do you know how to enjoy it? Here we have 10 tips we consider essential: 

  1. Should not be eaten fresh out of the cellar: it’s better to wait a couple of days, until the ham temperature reaches about 20-25 ºC (68-77 ºF). Keep it in a cool and dry place with indirect light.
  2. The slices should be thin and of medium size (5-6 cm.), but take care on not break the slice while carving.
  3. Fat gives juiciness, aroma and flavour. Remove those white stripes is forbidden.
  4. Every time we finish to carve, is very convenient to cover the ham with pieces of bacon and crust (we have removed at the beginning). This will keep it much better and prevent drying. 
  5. Use two knives: one smaller and rigid to clean the crust, and another long and very flexible to slice the ham. Must always be perfectly sharp.
  6. If you want to eat the ham gradually at home, it’s useful to begin the piece by the stifle, with the hoof facing down. So we avoid that the most juicy part (main hub, with the hoof facing up) to dry quickly.
  7. Serve in circular shape, covering the plate, but don’t stack slices (see photo)
  8. If you want to accompany with wine, the best is a white with wood aroma. Also perfect are champagne, cider, dry sherry or chamomile.
  9. Make chunks from the nearest meat to the bone. Can be used in stews, salads or simply as a snack.  
  10. Safety comes first: careful with the slicing direction and where you do with the free hand. It’s necessary that the ham table (carving table) fixes the ham properly.

We hope these ten tips will help you make the most of every ham. Enjoy it!

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