Joselito hams are widely recognized as a gourmet jewel, made today exactly as it was made in the XIX century, and being one of the most appreciated luxury meat products in the world. It is produced with exclusively Iberian pigs ("cerdo ibérico"), raising in absolute freedom in its natural habitat, the dehesas, where they feed exclusively on grass and acorn.

Joselitos are not made industrially and the annual production is limited depending on climate conditions and the growth of acorns every season. 

A Joselito ham is aged a minimum 36 months in underground cellars, where optimum conditions will slowly define the right texture and exclusive flavour. Natural ripeness across time generates aromas and transforms the pieces until they acquire its final shade. 

To taste it the right way it must be cut by hand, as thin as possible, for a better appreciation of its aroma and taste overtones. It has a gold to pink fat, so soft it melts in the mouth, with a delicate, slightly sweet taste. Just sublime!.

Antonio Mata is specialized in Joselitos. Do not hesitate to contact with us to know more about this delicious "jamón de bellota" (acorn feed iberian pigs and hams).

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