Friday, 23 March 2012

How to carve and slice a bone-in Spanish Jamon

A little guide with 6 easy steps to carve, cut, slice and serve a good bone-in SpanishJamon:

STEP 1 Use a medium size knife, pointy and very sharp. Fix the ham to the carving stand. In what way? With the hoof facing up and away from you.

STEP 2 We have to start carving the part called ‘maza’. Make a cut near the hoof (10 cm more or less), and remove the rid of a not very large area. Take care not to remove all fat, is a tasty part of the ham and, believe it or not, very healthy.

STEP 3 Now we change the knife for a long and very sharp one. There are special knives tocarve the Spanish Jamon. Carve from hoof to ‘punta’, clearing the skin and yellow layers of fat.

STEP 4 Cut and cut slices and when arrive to the hip bone, cut around it with the first type of knife. Turn ham over to cut the maza. Then, keep cutting slices in the same way, just as previously, and around the hip bone too.

STEP 5 Continuosly removing the rind, when there are no more slices left, trim the fat around the hip and star slicing this area. There is a darker meat below which has a rich flavour. This part is one of the best.

STEP 6 Serve freshly cut to keep the taste. Always at room temperature, never cold, you can serve it in a warm plate. 

But nothing better tah a short video:

And that’s all, just enjoy the most deliciousflavour from Spain! 

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