The best "CHARCUTERIE" (SAUSAGES) from Spain ("salchichón, lomo, chorizo"...) and pork delicacies by Antonio Mata, your Spanish gourmet.

The term charcuterie here refers to the sausage-like products in which different mixtures of minced meat, usually pork, are encased in a cylindrical skin then cured or cooked so that they can be kept for a long time. Geography, history and tradition combine in Spain to produce an extensive catalogue of these delicacies which, alongside Ibérico pork, are some of the most characteristic foods in the Spanish larder.

Charcuterie is generally made from pork from the Duroc, Landrace and Large White pig breeds.

Antonio Mata "charcuterie" from Teruel: 

Sausage ("salchichón"):
It is a cured sausage made with meats exclusively from P.D.O Teruel pigs, with some spices (mostly pepper), and stuffed into natural gut.

This sausage has a trademark horseshoe shape and cylinder section, compact texture with a smooth cut and finely grinded meat, with a clear difference between fat and meat. This is a sausage to enjoy with bread and olive oil or in a platter along with other cured meats

"Cabeza de Lomo" (Cured Sirloin):
The cabeza de lomo is a cured meat made with sirloins from P.D.O. Teruel pigs, pepper, paprika and other spices, and stuffed into a natural gut.

Our sirloin has a trademark red colour, consistent, smooth and homogeneous texture. The cut is also homogeneous and smooth with a continuous muscular mass and a delicate taste with little salt

"Chorizo Cular": 
The Chorizo Cular is a cured sausage made with meats exclusively from P.D.O. Teruel pigs (mostly lean meats) with several spices added, especially Spanish paprika, that gives it its trademark bright red colour and taste, then stuffed into a natural gut with a characteristic shape. 

We use only best quality paprika which lends a sweet flavour and a smooth texture. Curing is done naturally hung for months in our cellars exactly like our ancestors have done for ages. This is a sausage to enjoy on his own, as part of a sandwich, pintxo or tapa and is also part of several typical Spanish dishes like migas, ollas, cocidos, etc.

Do you like Spanish sausages, "embutido", "charcuterie"?, did you ever tasted it?...We recommend you to taste our "chorizo", "lomo", and "salchichón", the most famous "charcuterie" from iberico pigs. Have a look at the video above to know more...and enjoy it!

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