Thursday, 26 May 2016

Gluten-free products by Antonio Mata

Celiacs are one of the groups of consumers that are becoming more strongly in recent years to implement and respect standards that help them make it easier to feed. Many associations and initiatives increasingly seek to produce more food without gluten: chocolates, milk, bread and pastries, pasta or cereals are some of most sought food for those who suffer to gluten intolerance.

Celiac disease is characterized by chronic inflammation of a part of the small intestine, caused by exposure to gliadin, a vegetable protein which is mostly found in some cereals. This intolerance is caused by a shortening of the villi that perform the process of nutrition. This affects 1% of the population, although there are growing number of people affected, and is suspected to be under-diagnosed. A gluten-free diet allows the regeneration of intestinal villi, and, therefore, helps correct nutrition.

In Antonio Mata, sensitive to the problem this poses, we make most of our products without gluten. Many companies are developing products suitable for celiacs, but this is a cost to the consumer normally. In Antonio Mata we aim to make all our products without gluten, but respecting the price.

Here is a list of all home made gluten-free products that Antonio Mata is offering in our online store:

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