HAM FROM TERUEL P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin)

Jamón de Teruel’ is the registered trade mark used by the Regulatory Council of Ham from Teruel, the oldest Spanish cured ham P.D.O. by the EU. 

A P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) covers the term used to describe foodstuffs which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using recognised know-how. To know more about the protection of Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin: official EU website

Because of our special orography, Ham from Teruel is cured at an altitude of 800 meters above the sea level for a minimum of 14 months, and always in the natural environment of the Teruel province.

The pig breeds accepted by the P.D.O. rules are a cross between Landrace and Large White, mother’s side; but Duroc by father´s. All of them are fed on grain grown in the area around Teruel. It allows for high quality hams with low levels of cholesterol (high in unsaturated fats, and low in saturated fat).

How to identify a real ‘Jamón de Teruel’?

The Regulatory Council controls all the pieces produced and provides de flags of ‘Ham from Teruel P.D.O’. We can find three different symbols to be sure that we are faced with a true and original ‘Ham from Teruel P.O.D’, and to prevent any fraud:

Check to see if the hoof is on the ham, the skin has the 8-point star and the word TERUEL heat-branded onto it, and that the band round the hoof has the registry number and stamp of the Regulatory Committee of JAMÓN DE TERUEL.

Don’t buy a pig in a poke! To identify a Jamón de Teruel  P.D.O  ham, check the three signs of its identity:

1. The rind or skin of the ham must bear the 8-point star and the word TERUEL burned into it.
2. A whole ham must always have its hoof. The Regulatory Committee cuts the hoof off all the rejected hams which do not meet the required standards: weight, marbling, months of curing, etc.
3. The hoof must have the band with the registry number and stamp of the Regulatory Committee of the Designation of Origin. This is the product’s ID card, which lets us identify the pig it came from, the farm it was raised on, the abattoir where it was slaughtered, the drying shed where the ham was cured, andother information.

If you buy the ham sliced rather than whole, check that the tray is labelled with the Jamón de Teruel logo.
We need to know how to distinguish a “Jamón de Teruel  P.D.O” from any cured ham from the province of Teruel. Don’t be fooled. Unlike other hams, “Jamón de Teruel P.D.O.” has gone through the strict quality checks established by the Regulatory Committee.

The flavor

We can also distinguish its typical and delicious taste: glutinous fat, streaked in its muscular tissues, of a white colour which provides a slightly salty. The ‘Ham from Teruel P.O.D.’ has to be tasted in thin slices, hand cut and at room temperature (refrigerate the ham does lose some of its flavor).

To keep the essence of ham, its taste and freshness unchanged, we must cover it with a cloth.

It cares on your health!

‘Ham from Teruel P.O.D’ provides fats with a healthy cardiovascular profile that boost healthy cholesterol and reduce unhealthy one. Also, reduce blood pressure and gives E vitamin to the organism.

Ham does not cause changes in body weight, and lowers plasmatic lipids, reasons that make this product in ‘heart healthy’.

Today we are still discovering new properties of ham. It is due to several Spanish Institutes and Universities are researching new potential health benefits.

Teruel, slow life

Mountain ranges formed, Teruel is the most southern province of the Spanish region of Aragon. Its weather is one of the hardest in Europe because of the dryness, the key to achieving a high quality ham and pork. You can reach -20 ºC in the winter, and 35 ºC by the summer time.  

The area of ​​the province is 14,809 km². With a population of 145,277 inhabitants, quarter of which live in the capital. With a very low population density (9.91 per km²), half of the towns is not more than 200 residents.

Teruel has an economy based on agriculture, farming and tourism (especially ski resorts and gastro-tourism). However, ham industry is the most important, and constantly growing, thanks to the effort to combine the oldest traditions and history, and new technologies and trends

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