Friday, 18 May 2012

Pairing cheese and wine

Everytime we taste a cheese think of a situable wine to accompany (at least in Spain). Nothing is so linked to tradition of cheese as wine and Spanish Ham. And seems obvious that cheese tastes better with wine. Years ago in Spain, when you went to buy a bottle of wine, was common to buy a cheese in the same store.

We’re going to propose different combinations of cheese and wine, depending on its composition, texture, age and obviously, flavour.

Normally we tend to think that a strong cured cheese goes well together with a strong and potent wine. Not true! A general rule we can follow (contrary to popular belief) is always offset a sharp cheese with sweet or aromatic wine. As well, is really good to pair acid and fresh wines with fatty cheeses.

Here we go!

  • Sharp cheese (old Gouda, Parmeggiano, ‘Bajoragon’ aged cheese): Syrah and Zinfandel red, strong bouquet and sometimes smoked.

  • Aged or cured sheep cheese (Zamorano ‘Pago Los Vivales’ Curado): Oporto Tawny, if we want a white, Gewurztraminer, low acidity and extremely aromatic. Regarding reds, Syrah or maybe Merlot, very aromatic.

  • Mild sheep cheese (‘Don Luis’ rosemary): Pinot Noir, no tannin and aromatic. With really smooth cheeses, even a Riesling, a bit of acidity and very aromatic. You can choose Gramona Riesling.

  • Semi-hard cheeses or not excessively strong (Brie, Tetilla, Idiazabal, Emmental, Semi-hard ‘Rubielos’): Tempranillo, as Pago de los Capellanes 2007.

  • Fresh cheese (Arla Avarti): Champange, Spanish cava or Riesling, a bit of acidity and aromatic, as Gramona Brut Imperial.

  • Goat cheese (Puro de Cabra ‘La Cabrita): Sauvignon Blanc, aromatic and acidity, as Gramona Gessami.

  • To all kind of cheese: if we want a grape that goes relatively well with any cheese, you can choose the Viogner, medium acidity and a great bouquet range.

That’s all! Hope to help you to enjoy this ancient tradition of pairing cheese and wine. In Spain, we always add our superb Spanish Ham, especially with our loved Jamón fromTeruel.

Bon appetit!

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