ANTONIO MATA began its activity in 1942 in Rubielos de Mora, Teruel, one of the most beautiful Spanish villages. 

Just a few people with fewer resources, but with experience and knowledge of pork traditions. Because of the mountainous environment and a really dry and cold weather, our land has always been perfect for breeding pigs, so for the production of traditional Spanish iberico and serrano ham.

Nowadays we count on a large and modern processing and distribution Plant and Facilities. However we are proud to preserve artisanal methods to keep the traditions of our territory and to get high quality pork meats and hams.

We own seven plants of Spanish iberico and serrano ham, traditional and delicious sausages and cold meats, and all kind of groceries such as extra virgin olive oil, cheese, Spanish wines cellar and others. 

Antonio MATA Plant
CASA MATA S.L. facilities are located in Rubielos de Mora (Teruel) Spain
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If you want to know better our village Rubielos de Mora: official website

Teruel province is one of the most famous Spanish areas producing hams. Our reputed P.O.D. JAMON DE TERUEL, was the first recognized by EU authorities. To know more about our Protected Origin Designation HAM FROM TERUEL: official website

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