Friday, 25 November 2011

Spanish municipality Rubielos de Mora (Teruel) is a Cittaslow. Come and enjoy it with us!

The Cittaslow and Slow Food share the same philosophy based on the improving of life quality, enjoying solutions and services that allow people to live in an easy and pleasant way. 
Municipalities joining the association are motivated by curios people of a recovered time, where man is still protagonist of the slow and healthy succession of seasons , respectful of citizens’ health , the authenticity of products and good food, rich of fascinating craft traditions of valuable works of art, squares, theaters, shops, cafés, restaurants, places of the spirit and unspoiled landscapes, characterized by spontaneity of religious rites, respect of traditions through the joy of a slow and quiet living.

The International Association Cittaslow, was founded in Orvieto (Italy) in October 1999.

In March 2008, Rubielos de Mora ,with other six Spanish municipalities, was approved for membership by Cittaslow international. The town has adopted a set of goals and principles to ensure the highest quality of life for local residents and visitors.

One of these goals is follow the spirit of Slow Food, applying the concepts of defending biodiversity, taste education and ecogastronomy at practice of everyday day. 

Rubielos de Mora (Teruel - Spain)

In Rubielos de Mora entire Community, Government and Factories have to follow the philosophy of Slow Food. CASA MATA S.L. facilities located in Rubielos de Mora preserves artisanal methods to keep the traditions of our territory and guarantee the authenticity of their pork meats and hams.

Casa Mata S.L. Facilities

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