Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Spanish Cured Ham tapa recipe by Angela Torres: 'Teruel Sensation of Antonio Mata'

As we announced a few weeks ago, Angela Torres, one of the promises of Spanish cuisine, has participed in the Cured Ham from Teruel Tapas Contest, organized by the Control Board of Ham from Teruel (our region). Today we present the recipe of the cover made ​​with Cured Ham from Teruel by Antonio Mata (our delicious cured ham).

Angela Torres is considered a rising young star of Spanish cuisine and has a weakness for our Spanish Cured Ham Antonio Mata. Se has won some tapas contest before, and worked on several important restaurants in Spain. Now she has her own restaurant in Teruel, one of the most prominent gastronomic cities in our country. In the restaurant, she offers cutting-edge cuisine, with typical products, at a very reasonable price.

We’re lucky! She explains her tapa recipe for us:




Tomato confit: drain the tomatoes and put 3 kg of tomatoes with 1 kg of sugar, leave over low heat until it becomes jam, then let it stand and cool to start doing the cover.

In the center of the plate put some tomato. Place the cream cheese wrapped with CuredHam from Teruel PDO by Antonio Mata. All has to be wrapped with round shaped pastry. Fry it in sunflower oil, not olive, to not remove the taste. Brown on all sides (put on a plate with paper to drain).

Cut into chunks the Cured Ham from Teruel PDO by Antonio Mata. We will put in the fryer in very hot oil, and leave it to cool to stay crispy.

Put the ball of pastry already fried. Above all a little cream cheese, that will make the crispy ham sticking up. We will make a circle with balsamic as decoration, and the puff ball in the center.

This tapa is very important to do at that moment to have fresh feelings of all its products. We will have everything ready: the jam, the pastry, crispy ham made... You just have to complete the assembly.

We hope that you dare to do it at home, because it's really delicious. And if you don’t dare to do it yourself, you know, can visit the Angela Torres restaurant in Teruel and enjoy all her tapas recipes.

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