Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cured ham and Brie cheese croquettes

Today we propose a recipe that requires some work and preparation, especially for the bechamel. But don’t alarm, the result is superb: Spanish Cured Ham and Briecheese croquettes.



We take a stream of Olive Oil and two dices of butter in a terracotta casserole and wait to melt. Cut the Spanish Cured Ham into small pieces or chunks and add to the casserole. Tip: Cured Ham is fried very quickly, so have it half or a minute.

Add 3 or 4 tablespoon of flour and stir for binding with butter. Then we pouring milk slowly, don’t stop to stir, this is very important. Also add the diced Brie and continue stirring until dissolve them. Add salt. The bechamel has to be quite thick. Let cool in the fridge.

When mix is hard, we shape the croquettes. Cover them with egg and breadcrumbs and fry in a pan with abundant hot olive oil.

And that’s it, now I am enjoying this delicacy. Feel sure that will repeat this recipe, because will love it at home, especially because of the Spanish Cured Ham that will give a special flavor.

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