Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tapas: Melon stuffed with Cured Ham from Teruel

With the high temperatures of the summer time, always like eating something chilly to help us alleviate the feeling of warmth. Today we propose a very simple tapas recipe, really traditional and perfect for summer: Melon stuffed with Cured Ham fromTeruel.



Cut the melon in half and make balls with a spoon (medium size ice-cream spoon would be perfect). Empty the top of each ball with a small knife, just a small hole. Reserve in a tray.

Place the toasted pine nuts in a bowl and mash them a bit. Add balsamic vinegar (may be from Jerez, Spain) and the olive oil. Emulsify.

Cut small slices of Ham from Teruel (could be any Spanish Cured Ham), roll and fill the melon balls.

Serve on a tray, place the melon balls filled with cured ham in a side and the vinegar sauce in the other side. Add just a bit of Maldon salt, black pepper and a drop of oil to every melon ball. Tip: add just bit of salt, ham is salty in itself.

Enjoy this chilly and delicious tapa. Que aproveche! 

via mis-recetas.org     

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