Friday, 16 December 2011

Black truffle tasting menus at "Hotel Los Leones", Rubielos de Mora, Teruel, Spain.

Black truffle and the Rubielos de Mora Saint Mary´s Cathedral
Borage with clams, ham and black truffle

Teruel is the most famous Spanish province speaking about the "black diamond of the gastronomy":  black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum). Winter time is the perfect moment to come and enjoy the excellent and unique gastronomy with this delicacy.

The beautiful village Rubielos de Mora, (Spanish "citta slow") is one of the most reputed areas in Teruel when it comes to black truffles culture and gastronomy:
We kindly invite you to discover the " Hotel Los Leones" restaurant, to taste their special menus dedicated to the black truffle during its season:

Do you love Spanish gastronomy and Mediterranean diet?. Do not hesitate to visit our village and to taste and enjoy the original cook with ham and black truffle. You will never forget it!

In Antonio Mata, we are specialized in black truffles delicacies. For further information and of course if you want to buy truffles, you are welcome to visit our online shop.

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